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Secrets Buried Under Time – The Pyramids

Mankind can heal broken bones & wounds. We can treat new diseases as they arise. Man has set foot on the moon, we’ve created rockets that shoot to outer space discovering and analysing other planets & galaxys. All this technology mankind has developed and evolved, yet scientists still cannot explain how the Egyptian Pyramids were formed.

Society has been told the pyramids was first built by King Djoser at around 1700 bc. It has been suggested by scientists that between 20,000 and 30,000 laborers were required to build the Pyramid at Giza in less than 23 years. By comparison, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris took 200 years to complete. The certified knowledge of today is that the Pyramids was built by enslaved men. Using common sense and innovative I believe it is extremely unlikely men were even possible to build such a vast monument. At the time, technology was not known. How could have men physically move blocks that are around the size of an average house? And then stack them above each other? Furthermore each block is cut to precision. It is only recently technology has developed to the point where we can cut almost anything with precision, so how did the Egyptians manage to cut and mould rocks?

I want to tell you about a secret, which did not attract the attention. In the book “The Orion Mystery”, R.Bauval and A.Gilbert proved the pyramids correspond to the disposition and the size of the three stars of Orion’s Belt. This has been confirmed also by the ancient recordings, mysteriously informing that Egypt is constructed under the plan – “as above, so below”. Any observer of the sky will understand the coordinates and measurement of positions of stars is very difficult to assess, even with the technology of today. If we want to understand the ancient building, it is necessary to explain a strict orientation of these buildings on various astronomical phenomena.

For now we can conclude with certainty that it was impossible for man to able to build the Pyramids without the required complex technology & machines, hence they were in fact not created by enslaved men.

For centuries, people have theorised how the great Pyramids were built. Some have suggested that they must have been constructed by extraterrestrials (aliens), while others believe the Egyptians had some sort of technology that has been lost through the ages. People’s interpretations differ depending on their culture and religions. For example some muslims have said the pyramids were created by ‘Jinns’ of who were ordered by the Pharaoh.  This suggestion is not due to Islam itself but has been aspired from the Islamic story of Prophet Soloman (as) and how the mosque Al-Aqsa was built by the ‘Jinn’. Jinns are said to be beings who live parallel lives to humans unlike western tradition of ghosts being lost souls of the dead.

Recently another ideology named ‘Scientology’. This ideology has proven to be controversial because they strongly believe the pyramids were the aliens work and it has even be said the Pharaohs were hybrids due to their very unusual bodily shape and extended cranium. During the times of the pyramids, if you study historic cultures across the world they all imitate an extended cranium and even today in many tribes this physical imitation still occurs. People within these cultures announce they imitate the gods whilst scientology suggests these ‘gods’ were in fact extraterrestrial aliens and it is at this historic period they visited earth.

Another suggestion from Scientology is that aliens in fact enslaved men of whom saw them as gods. This idea has been come across by examining ancient scripts showing worshiping several inhumane like figures & also by ancient myths that is only common within certain tribal societies.

The truth is we can never be sure how the pyramids were formed and it’ll remain an ambiguous mystery. Many theories have deemed to be too far-fetched hence why the majority of society accepts they were built my slaves despite it being physically almost impossible without technology (as explained earlier). The Egyptian Pyramids aren’t the only ancient monuments unexplained, you have the secret mystery of Gobekli Tepe & Giza’s Cave Underworld including 12,000 year old towers in Turkey, signs of ancient societies under the lakes of Andes, The Lost Temples of Mayan Pyramids Chichen Itza & ancient city of Babylon. I suggest you google these ancient monuments as they’re sparsely kept secret. Ancient Indian texts describe sunken cities where aliens & humans intermingled thousands of years ago. Who could have built the 600-foot stepped stone structure off the coast of Japan (a site that predates the Egyptian Pyramids by thousands of years)? Remember, history cannot be certain facts, it is all based on evidence depending on how well it’ll make sense and believable. I guess in this case it is up to you to decide upon the truth.


New Planet with Evidence of Alien Life?

NASA have discovered two planets of which are very similar to Earth and claim they have a high possibility of maintaining life.


They are the smallest planets known outside the solar system and the most promising to bear life has been named “Kepler 22-b”. It has key aspects of which are similar of Earth as it orbits around a star, at just about an equal distance, that has been described as a “twin of our sun”.  Kepler 22-b is within what scientists call the “Goldilocks zone” which is a specific distance from a star which will allow liquid water to exist. Therefore we can conclude it is very likely liquid water is present on the surface of Kepler 22-b, thus bringing the basic requirements for life to exist. Based on Miller & Urey’s Primeval Soup Theory, microbes formed from a reaction which took place between nucleic acids in water and overtime evolved into the life-forms we know of today. A Kepler scientist Natalie Batahla said

“It’s right in the middle of the habitable zone. The other exciting thing is that it orbits a star very, very similar to our own sun”.

The average temperature on the newly announced planet could also be just right for life – about 50-72 degrees, a perfect spring day on some places of Earth. The only problem is the planet’s a bit big for life to exist on the surface. Kepler 22-b is around  2.4 times the size of Earth. So there could be more like the gas-and-liquid of Neptune, with only a rocky core and mostly ocean.

However Astronomers still look for life elsewhere and comprehending everything ranging from microbes to intelligent beings that can be looking back at us. So far the Kepler telescope has spotted  2,326 planets outside our solar system with 139 of them potentially habitable ones. Even though the confirmed Kepler-22b is a bit big, it is still smaller than most of the other planets discovered. It is  closest to Earth in terms of size, temperature similarity of the star it orbits.

There is still a possibility of life thriving in Kepler-22b, only further research and advanced technologies will tell in time. For now we can only debate and fantasize. Who knows, advanced beings from Kepler-22b maybe watching me and you right now.