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Is The World Really Going To End in 2012?

The doomsday theory is closely connected with the year 2012, especially since the ancient Mayan calendar which covers the time span of more than 5000 years, ends on December 21st 2012. This day is end of the 13th bak’tun, last period of around 400 years in Mayan calendar.

While there is a certain truth that the Mayan civilization knew whole lot of things about astronomy however there is no evidence whatsoever, that the December 21st 2012 means the end of the world, it only means the end of Mayan calendar and nothing else. The popular doomsday theory linked with Mayan calendar is the one about the planet Nibiru that was supposedly discovered by the ancient Sumerians. This theory states the planet Nibiru should collide with Earth in 2012, and even if it doesn’t hit Earth its journey through our Solar system would cause fatal damage to our planet. The NASA scientists have announced that if such a planet would actually be on course to collide with earth they would be able to monitor it for at least couple of decades and today we would be even able to see this planet with the naked eye.

Although it is known some tabloids were even suggesting that NASA hides the truth about asteroids hitting our planet. In fact there are people amongst us that believe NASA knew about the asteroid in 1983.  This belief arises from the questioning of why NASA launched the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) which can locate a large object in outer space.  A large object was detected and named ‘Planet X’.  The implications of Nibiru is mentioned in many ancient history times. A french Apothecary, Michael De Nostredame (1503-1566) wrote

“A big object heading to our planet, it will reach by 2012 but it won’t hit us”

Planet X is said to be the first dark star, with 5 minor planets, 6th the size of earth and 7th of what is suggested as Nibiru. Ancients believe the 6th planet is much like planet Earth and is the home for “Annunaki” (Gods/Giants). It is believed Planet Niburu will cut through our solar system and pass between the Sun & Earth (as shown on left picture). Further more it is said this occurs every 3600 years. Conspiracists of today say it is possible this caused the city of Atlantis to sink and Noah’s flood.

We can ask ourselves if NASA have detected Nibiru for what reason would they have to hide it. Conspiracists deem world leaders and governments are in a hurry to find life on another planet because of Nibiru and are not publicising the issue because they are afraid it is not possible the evacuate the whole population.

From the astronomical point of view there seems to be no danger, in terms of possible disaster that would end all life on our planet in 2012. Personally i believe instead of worrying about such scenarios we should rather start to worry about the long-term effects of climate change because this looks to be the main threat that could disrupt our future life on Earth.