About The Blog

Like many professionals, scientists are trained to communicate in a particular way. This isn’t a bad thing as it’s important. Unfortunately, the ability to communicate with other scientists doesn’t necessarily translate into good public communications skills. While many scientists have those skills, there are many who lack them. Communicating with the public is simply not part of the standard scientific education, which creates a gap between research scientists and the rest of society. This blog is my way of trying to help fill that gap.

A better understanding of science is important for everyone. Since most scientific research is publicly funded, scientists need the public to understand the value of their work. A scientifically educated and aware public is more likely to do so and to be willing to expand support for science. For non-scientists, a better understanding of science can help make more informed and effective choices on both a personal and a social level.

This blog won’t just be about peer-reviewed research; I’m going to write about whatever I think might be interesting. My goal is to communicate scientific ideas to non-scientists in a way that is enlightening, engaging or even inspirational. I hope the blog will be more than just my writing, so please share your thoughts and questions in the comments. I’m also happy to take suggestions for subjects; if there’s something you’d like me to write about, feel free to get in touch.


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