Science & Religion

Up until around the late 1800s religion was the main motivation within people’s lifestyle. As of today generally speaking science has seemed to dis-regard people’s views on religion. However can we analyse science and religion for them to counter-part as one?

The well-known scientist Charles Darwin laid the foundations of the theory of evolution. By studying animals and fossils he concluded over long periods of time microorganism would differentiate into more complex cells which eventually breed into different species. It is due to environmental and other factors that has caused the great number of different species in the animal kingdom we know of today from the process of natural selection.  Evolution is genetic change in a population from one generation to another. Charles Darwin also concluded monkeys and humans share the same ancestor based on numerous evidence. For example fossils act as a record of change from earlier species which shows a gradual complexity of species as the years pass. Furthermore there are various anatomical similarities between different species. Many groups of species share the same types of body structures because they inherited them from a common ancestor that had them.  This is the case with the vertebrates which are the animals that have internal skeletons.  The arms of humans, the forelegs of dogs and cats, the wings of birds, and the flippers of whales and seals all have the same types of bones (humerus, radius, and ulna) because they have are the traits of their shared common ancient vertebrate ancestor.

Charles Darwin theories are also supported by the Miller & Urey’s Primeval Soup Theory which tell us microbes formed from a reaction which took place between nucleic acids in water and overtime evolved into the life-forms we know of today. The bible quotes

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Science gives evidence of the earth and universe forming 13.7 billion years ago. The Big Bang Theory states the universe was extremely small, and hot made up of pure light energy smaller than the size of an atom. Then due to gravitational energy a “big bang” occurred to form the universe of today and based on Hubble’s Theory the universe is now expanding which is supported by the Doppler effect. Therefore surely it is evident that science questions the existence of god. However can this scientific evidence possibly support the evidence of God and religion?

The Quran (book of Islam) states

 “The universe and the earth were joined together (as one unit of mass), before we clove them asunder

“…The universe is now expanding”

This describes of what has been proven by the science of today, as mentioned before, Hubble’s Theory of the universe expanding and also The Big Bang Theory. Furthermore the Quran also says

“Life started in the water and living things are mostly water”

This is also supported by the science based on The Primeval Soup Theory of the first microbes of life formed in a boiling ocean during the very years of Earths lifespan. Today when scientists look for traces of life on Mars or Jupiter moons, they look for water. Humans and other forms of life are made up of a high proportion of water (our brain alone is 80% water).

Science is deemed to disprove the existence of god but if you study the Qur’an and the other books of religion they seem to only correspond to science despite being written around 1500-2000 years ago when the knowledge of man was very obscure. Astronomical scientist Amir Ansari has said

” Many people are deceived by science sometimes it takes logical thinking to approve the existence of god. The sun is 64 million times greater than the moon yet our planet is placed in the exact point where from our view the moon & sun look the same size resulting in a occurence of full eclipses, is this by chance or is it due to gods intention?”

“It would be logical to believe science explains the method in which god created the universe and us, not disproving his existence. The big bang theory explains how the universe formed but it doesn’t explain where the dense particles came from to trigger the big bang

As well the formation of Earth and the Universe, religion seems to also describe science discovered from the recent present in other areas too. For example the Qur’an implies

“The atom is not the smallest unit of matter in the universe.”

Fundamental particles such as the proton was only discovered recently during the year 1918 by Ernest Rutherford. It would have been impossible for man to have such knowledge during the years the Qur’an was relieved so how can it be possible the Qur’an seems to accurately correspond to recent science. Through the process of logical thinking we can suggest it is in fact the word of god, and god does exist.


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